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CME 55 Sold & Refurbished

Rig Source recently sold and refurbished a CME 55 to Froehling & Robertson INC., a geotechnical construction company with offices in Virginia and North Carolina.  This unit is a great example of Rig Source’s talented service department and customized rig refurbishing options.  This particular CME 55 was sold “as is” with the option of refurbishing according to the customer’s needs.  Jim Davis, from Froehling & Robertson opted to do just so.  Rig Source did a full mechanical inspection followed by minor repairs, added a new drill deck and 300 gallon water tank, and even gave it a fresh coat of paint.  Below are the before and after photographs that provide a great representation of the unit’s transformation.


Since the rig’s completion, it has officially joined the Froehling & Robertson fleet, and will be used to assist in its geotechnical services and contract drilling services.

For more information on Rig Source’s extensive service department and rig refurbishing capabilities please give us a call at 630-365-1649.

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