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A Drilling Rig Mechanic’s Career: 3 Years and Counting

Rich Dickerson: Drilling Rig Mechanic at Rig SourceWhen work becomes your hobby and your hobbies become your work, you know you must being doing something right. Our drilling rig mechanic, Rich Dickerson celebrates his third year with Rig Source this week, and after interviewing him I discovered how perfectly suited his career is for his personality.

Dedicated and humble in his experiences, Rich has spent a lifetime working on all things mechanical. He initially began his tampering and tinkering in his younger years, went on to earn his automotive certificate from Wyoming Tech when he was big into cars, and gradually made his way into the drilling industry. Drilling rigs has become the preference for employment purposes due to the stability of the business and the readily shifting equipment. Each drilling rig brings on its own unique set of mechanical issues which provides consistent challenges and growth opportunities for Rich.

For someone like Rich, being mechanically savvy isn’t just regimented to the time clock. Rich started in the mechanical field because it was his hobby, and it still remains today. Often times, Rich uses his expertise off the clock to fix up family vehicles or his own equipment, like the Toyota 4Runner he used to take a handful of co-workers mudding!

Rich’s genuine compassion though shows best with his two children, Carly and James. Every other weekend Rich takes his children to the local roller rink to enjoy some good old fashion family time fun. It’s not the tradition I would have expected from a drilling rig mechanic, but around Rich, expect the unexpected and you clearly get remarkable results.

As with all the employees at Rig Source, I love to ask about their aspirations and goals for the upcoming year. For Rich, he expressed a great deal of interest in receiving the opportunity to see several drilling rigs in action. Once again, it was a perfectly suited response for Rich’s personality.

On behalf of everyone at Rig Source, we want to thank you for all your hard work and dedication. We are thrilled to have you on our team, and look forward to the many years to come!

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