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Purchasing a new drill rig is exciting as it usually indicates that you’re upgrading existing equipment, adding to your fleet or starting a new company. Along with this excitement can come uncertainty as you learn the ins and outs of your new drill rig. In order to benefit from all of the capabilities your new rig offers you might want to consider a professional start-up. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced driller, you can surely benefit from additional demos before taking your rig to a job site for its big debut.

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Start-up Services

When you purchase drill rigs from Rig Source, our team is always prepared to provide a start-up session for your rig operators. We want our customer’s to get the most out of their equipment, and knowing how to operate your drill rig properly will help do just that. Not only is our sales team extremely knowledgeable on the drill rigs we sell, many have years of experience operating drill rigs and utilizing a variety of drilling methods for various industries which makes them a perfect fit for quality start-up services.

Jesse’s Drill Rig Start-up with CDG

To best explain what a Rig Source drill rig start-up entails, we followed Jesse Whittaker, our East Coast Sales Representative on his most recent in-depth drill rig preparation with CDG Engineers & Associates Inc. CDG is a highly reputable consulting firm with a specialty in geotechnical engineering. The company has spent years completing in-house soil and groundwater investigations, and after purchasing the Diedrich D-50 turbo drill from Rig Source, thought it would be beneficial to acquire knowledge of the additional core drilling methods the D-50 is capable of because they will allow CDG to expand their services.

Jesse, having over ten years of production core drilling was able to complete CDG’s start-up of their Diedrich D-50 which included a full rig once over and presentation of the drill’s capabilities. Jesse also walked them through the core drilling process, and helped them make sense of the core drilling style, all of which can be seen by browsing the photos. Furthermore, Jesse joined the CDG team on one of their jobsites to provide demos while the drill rig was actually in use. The visibility of viewing drill rigs in action is a powerful tool because it provides a real world visual of the process and a chance to test out features gained from new equipment.

Whatever your reason whether you’re new to the industry, looking to expand or simply seeking a little guidance with your new drill rig, give Rig Source a call today at 630.365.1649, and ask about our start-up services!

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