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Simco Drill Rig Transformation: Find Out What Halts Progress

Nothing kills a deadline like down time, and that is exactly what happened to the Simco drill rig project this week. When I last left off, our shop team had placed an order for some custom parts, and unfortunately we ended up receiving the wrong order. Things could be worse, but it is still down time that we didn’t want in the middle of a project.

All things considered, we were able to complete some reinforcements on the drill’s frame, and once the correct parts arrived our team was quick to jump right back into the project. As the new parts went into place, the Simco drill rig transformation really started to take hold. To finish off the week, a newly upholstered seat was installed and a new electric engine module was connected. Thankfully, due to our team’s hard work we are still on track to meet our targeted completion date.

Below are a few photographs that highlight their accomplishments.

Collaboration of Various Simco Restoration Photos

In the coming days, the Simco drill rig will make its way into the second stage of repairs at Rig Source. We will transfer the drill rig to our mechanical shop where it will undergo routine maintenance such as fixing an oil leak and running fluid checks. Once maintenance is complete, Rig Source will send the drill rig to paint to give it the finishing touch. Check back next week to find out what color the rig was painted!

This rig is still available for purchase; however, if we don’t have a buyer it will be added to our rental fleet upon completion. For purchasing or more information on the Simco drill rig project or its progress, please call Rig Source today at 630.365.1649.

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