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Simco Drill Rig Transformation: Starting Off with a Mess

I left you last time with what many would call a “laundry list” of repairs to be done on the Simco drill rig. Now that a week has gone by I figured it would be best to check in on the unit’s progress, and see what the Rig Source shop team has been up to.  Although the unit needed much attention, to my surprise, a great deal of work was done given it had only been a week. The team loves a good challenge and the guys were ready to transform the Simco drill rig in order to give it new life and be a great asset in the field.

Simco drill rig restoration progression

Disassembling the Simco Drill Rig

As you can see in photographs, the drill frame has been removed for reinforcement and the bench seat is out for repairs. The shop team also placed an order for new custom 3/8 slide frame brackets that will be used on the unit. These will be an upgrade from the standard 1/4 slide frame brackets that simply just don’t last.

Repairs Completed

Only a few repairs can be considered complete on the Simco drill rig thus far since the majority of time spent on this drill rig went into assessment of the unit. It is also helpful for you to understand that this transformation project is not the only one being worked on by our shop team at this time. It is best to follow the work rather than use these blogs as a timeline for how long a drill rig transformation will take. After all, each unit is going to come to us with unique needs that create a variable time.

Two items from our list that did come to completion in the last week were the replacement deck and windshield. Welder, Ryan White reinforced the drill rig deck with a new piece of diamond plating since the previous deck was severely worn. Similarly, the new windshield arrived and was installed on the Ford F550 truck that is being used to mount the Simco drill rig.

That’s a wrap for this week’s updates. Rig Source eagerly awaits parts, but as more completions come to fruition, our readers will be the first to know! While you wait, give us your thoughts or send us ideas on what you would like to see next in our project series. If you’re interested in purchasing this Simco drill upon completion, or have any questions regarding the work being done please call 630.365.1649.

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