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2012 Geoprobe 8140LS – For Sale – Unit #B230127

2012 Geoprobe 8140LS – For Sale – Unit #B230127

Geoprobe 8140LS is in good shape and ready to drill. Tooling included.

Drill Rig Specifications:

  • Sonic head is in good shape
  • Motor runs well
  • No codes on computer
  • Outriggers work
  • Rod loader
  • Winch works
  • Head goes up and down
  • Head rotates
  • Pump works
  • Paint is in good shape
  • Track rig moves
  • Auto hammer
  • Rod clamps

Tooling Included:

  • 200’ of 6”
  • 200’ of 4”
  • 50’ of 8”
  • Dual Tube SDT 45 System
  • Dual Tube SDT 60 System


For more information on this Geoprobe 8140LS drill rig, please contact the Rig Source Team at (630) 365-1649.

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