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CG-550P/GH Grouter – For Sale or Rent – Unit #21302

CG-550P/GH Grouter – For Sale or Rent – Unit #21302


  • A 34-gallon (128 liter)mix tank, with pump and holding hopper, provides a non-stop, continuous operation.
  • Skid mounted and portable, the Mini-Series is ideal for most pre-packaged, non-shrink grouts and sand/cement ratios of up to 2:1.
  • Series features a durable 2” positive displacement piston pump that produces pressures of 200 to 400 psi.
  • All pumping components are easily accessible and can be disassembled without the need of tools, allowing for fast and efficient cleaning.
  • A 12 ½ foot grout hose (complete with fittings), and a spare set of piston cups are included with every unit.

For more information on purchasing or renting this unit please reach out to the Rig Source team at 630-365-1649.

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