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CME-55 on Ford F-650 – For Sale – Unit #B230605A

CME-55 on Ford F-650 – For Sale – Unit #B230605A

Truck runs perfectly fine, without any major mechanical issues to report. The drill rig is operational and ready to go to work. Regularly performs Geotech SPT and Environmental HSA sampling and well installations, wash-rotary and air-rotary. Our staff mechanics keeps up with regular PM on truck, rig and accessories/attachments. Rig was repainted about 7 years ago and is showing some wear. Various spare parts and limited tooling are potentially available. Overall condition 7/10

Rig has high torque for a 55 model with upgraded spindle ideal for handling hard drilling. Moyno has been maintained with newer rotor/stator. Equipped with top-feed swivel for wash-rotary or air-rotary drilling, with breakout table for making/breaking rod connections. Purchased in 2005 from a CME refurbishing company and rig was like-new at that time. Our current workload requires ATV rigs and this rig has seen minimal use of late.

Rig Specifications:
Mid 1980’s base (refurbished and upgraded)
Hours: 3,338
Engine Type: Cummins 4B3.9C
3 Winches (including wireline)
2 Racks
Moyno 3L6 Water Pump
Double Chain Rotary Box
Hydraulic Rod Holder
Breakout Wrench

Truck Specifications:
2005 Ford F-650
197,419 Miles
295/75 R22.5
6-Speed Manual Transmission
CM85 Engine

Asking Price: $75,000

For more information on this CME-55 rig, please contact the Rig Source Team at (630) 365-1649.
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