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***SOLD*** Geoprobe 7822DT Core Pack – For Rent – Unit #21210

***SOLD*** Geoprobe 7822DT Core Pack – For Rent – Unit #21210


We’ve expanded our direct push rental inventory to include a Geoprobe 7822DT with core package. It’s the same great Geoprobe model with the added benefits of the core package for increased versatility and ease of transport to jobsites. As a reputable supplier of Geoprobe units we’re proud to stay on top of industry trends and excited to extend this new Geoprobe rental offering to our customers.

The 7822DT is a preferred Geoprobe model for its size and adaptability. 7822DT models are fully operational by remote control and have narrow platforms making them extremely mobile and ideal for projects with limited access. The added core package extends the 7822DT’s capabilities with a 4-speed head that adapts to various ground densities. The added break out table, water swivel and water pump amplify the use of the 7822DT for coring by simplifying the drilling process and eliminating the need for purchasing specialty equipment. Together the 7822DT with core package delivers capabilities equivalent of larger track mounted drills but with greater flexibility.

Added Benefits of Geoprobe’s Core Package Include:
  • High speed head
  • Rod clamp
  • Water swivel and hose kit
  • Feed system regulator
  • Wireline winch
  • Rotary core options
Geoprobe 7822DT Specifications:
  • 2022 Geoprobe 7822DT
  • Tier 4 engine
  • 4 speed auger motor
  • Liner extruder
  • Dual mast
  • 3’ mast extension
  • Break out table and wrench
  • 3L6 water pump
  • King swivel
  • Side rack
  • Optional rear rack with vice

For more information on our new rental Geoprobe 7822DT with core package please contact Rig Source at 630.365.1649.

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