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1994 Mobile B-59 on International Truck – For Sale – Unit #B230131

1994 Mobile B-59 on International Truck – For Sale – Unit #B230131

Both truck and rig run great, operational and ready to drill. Just had the right angle drive gone thru, and new kelly bar bushing installed. Safety Driver winch not working now but have a new one on the ground, ready to be installed. Would recommend muffler be replaced. Still working, but has been patched. General condition of rig I would rate at a 6-7.

Rig set up for 4.25 ID HSA and 6 5/8 HSA, Sampling can be done with either Safety Driver winch or with cat head. Coring H and N, and small dia mud rotary. Has rod clamp and break out wrench. Rig has 250 gal water tank. HSA and sampling equipment can be included at additional cost.

Drill Rig Specifications:
Year: 1994
Make/Model: Mobile B-59
Engine Type: Cummins 4BT
Racks: Auger
Winches: 4
Autohammer: No, safety driver and cat head
Water pump info: Bean 35
Rotary Box: Yes
Chuck: Longyear Hyd

Truck Specifications:
Year: 1994
Make/Model: International
Mileage: 175,569
Wheel Type: Single axle
Transmission: 5 speed w/ 2 speed rear
Engine Type: International 210 SP

Asking Price: $55,000 – Priced to Move!

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