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Diedrich Drill Rigs


Diedrich Drill has made a lasting impact on the geotechnical, environmental, geothermal, and groundwater drilling industries for the production of their innovative drilling rigs. They have earned an outstanding reputation for their ability to deliver quality drill rigs with the latest concepts and designs. Diedrich doesn’t just make drill rigs; they take pride in their drilling rigs and the industries they serve.

At Rig Source, we appreciate the value of Diedrich drill rigs and are pleased to offer both sales and rental options to our customers. Rig Source is a primary distributor of used Diedrich drill rigs and a top seller of new Diedrich drills. We also carry the largest fleet in the United States of Diedrich drill rigs for rent.

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We continuously strive to make it worthwhile to choose Rig Source above all else for your geotechnical and environmental drilling needs. A few ways we do this are by pre-ordering Diedrich drill rigs to reduce wait time, offering all-purpose drill rig rental services in the event a wait is inevitable, and providing the ability to customize your Diedrich with carrier mount options to accommodate individual needs.

Our Approach to Success with Diedrich Drills

Rig Source’s partnership with Diedrich Drill is rooted in our commitment to innovation, safety, reliability, and excellence in the drilling industry. Every Diedrich drill rig we offer is designed to handle a range of construction projects, meeting the rigorous demands of different drilling industries. With a focus on operational readiness and performance, Diedrich designs their equipment for precision and durability. This means less downtime and more efficient operations.

Rig Source and Diedrich share the same goals: providing specialized drilling equipment for different activities and projects. With our variety of tooling, parts, and drill units, we ensure every project is completed using our high-quality equipment and solutions.

Check out the full list of Diedrich models below that are offered for sale or rent at Rig Source.

Diedrich D-25 Drill Rigs

  • Used for Shallow Soil Sampling & Rock Exploration
  • Compact for Low Clearance & Inaccessible Areas
  • View datasheet/brochure

Diedrich D-50 Drill Rigs

  • Used for Soil & Rock Exploration
  • Mid-Sized
  • Accommodates Hollow Stem or Continuous Flight Augers, Air Rotary & Core Tooling
  • Customizable Mount Options
  • View datasheet/brochure

Diedrich D-70 Drill Rigs

Diedrich D-90 Drill Rigs

  • Used for Soil & Rock Exploration
  • Heavy Duty
  • Accommodates Auger, Mud Rotary, & Core Drilling Tools
  • View datasheet/brochure

Diedrich D 120 Drill Rigs

  • Used for Soil & Rock Exploration
  • Heavy Duty
  • Accommodates Hollow Stem or Continuous Flight Augers & Core Drilling Tools
  • View datasheet/brochure

Each Diedrich heavy-duty drill rig is built to be reliable and durable. They all use a two-section hydraulic system with a mud or water pump that makes them easier to service and maintain. Equipment such as the water tank, rod rack, and auger rack are removable options, allowing drillers to remove parts to suit the project’s requirements.

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Why Rent or Purchase Drill Rigs from Rig Source?

At Rig Source, we are a leader in the drilling industry, known for providing quality drilling units for your construction activities. Our extensive selection of rental and sales inventory includes heavy-duty drill rigs equipped for various industries, from hollow stem auger drilling to geotechnical underground site investigation. We value the success of your project, which is why our team of experts ensures you are matched up with the right drilling equipment to complete tasks efficiently and successfully.

To view current Diedrich drills for sale or Diedrich rental options, please feel free to browse the selection in our online showrooms. You may also contact a member of our team at 630.365.1649 to learn more about what makes Diedrich the top brand for your geotechnical and environmental drilling needs.

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For more information on our Diedrich drill rig sales or rental selection, browse our online showrooms, or give us a call at 630.365.1649. If it’s not in stock, we’ll help you find it!