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The Rig Source Advantage


ADVANTAGE: Experience

There’s no replacement for boots-on-the-ground, real drilling experience. With over 100 years of active drilling experience on staff at all levels of the organization, you can rest assured that an experienced driller with the know-how to help you is just a phone call away. Not only that, but our on-staff drillers have worked across the country and are familiar with the unique challenges of many locations.   

ADVANTAGE: Brand-neutral

We don’t suggest nameplates, we suggest solutions. We’re not tied to a specific manufacturer which means we’ll suggest the best fitting equipment for your needs. It also means that we’ve got the widest selection of machines from all major manufacturers and that our service technicians are familiar with all brands, not just one. 

ADVANTAGE: Availability

When others tell you they don’t have it, give us a shout. We purchase rigs and parts months and even years in advance to try and curb supply chain issues. New drill rigs, parts, and tooling arrive here every month to ensure we have everything you need to keep on drilling. 


Renting a drill rig from Rig Source also allows our customers to better manage their cashflow. Need a specific rig for a one-off, short-term job? Need to expand your fleet for a few months to complete a large project? Save the cash outlay of buying new equipment by renting from us. Rig Source has the largest drill rig and support equipment rental fleet in North America – by a landslide. Each and every year, we add to that fleet with new equipment, new manufacturers, and new support equipment with one goal in mind: to provide our customers with top-notch, new equipment that they can have at their jobsite quickly.  

ADVANTAGE: Flexibility

One of the reasons our customers keep coming back to us is our agility and flexibility. Whether it’s our numerous shipping and delivery options or our various financing and RPO options, we’ve gained a reputation as being able to make the impossible happen. 

We’re proud of what we do and every single day, we strive to provide our customers with the best levels of service, quality, and commitment in the industry. Find out how the Rig Source Advantage can work for you.

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