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Drill Rig Rental

In the dynamic drilling industry, there is nothing more important than high-quality equipment rentals. Drill rig rentals not only provide flexibility but also ensure that drilling contractors are getting the latest and best equipment without the complexities of owning a rig. We offer rental drilling equipment that brings high value to customers at competitive rates.

There are various types of drilling equipment, including coring, exploration, direct push, geotechnical, and environmental. This equipment is tough, durable, and brings incredible performance in every endeavor. Rig Source, with our commitment to excellence, stands as a leader in offering some of the best drilling equipment available for rent.

Types of Drill Rigs Available for Rent

Rig Source’s extensive inventory is complemented by reliable and highly performing brands such as Geoprobe, Diedrich, Mobile Drill, Versatran, and GTech. In our rental equipment inventory, we offer various types of drill rig rental options: coring rigs, exploration rigs, direct push rigs, geotechnical rigs, environmental rigs, truck haulers, and support equipment.

Coring Rigs

A core drill rig is a specialized piece of equipment for core sampling. They allow professional drillers to extract a piece of the ground by drilling cylindrical holes in the surface, simplifying the drilling process and eliminating the need for purchasing specialty equipment. At Rig Source, we have a variety of coring rigs for rent from top-of-the-line brands including Geoprobe, Versatran, and GTech.

Exploration Rigs

These rigs are primarily used for mineral extraction, and our exploration drilling rigs help discover valuable resources below the Earth’s surface. Our inventory includes a range of exploration rigs designed for different terrains and projects, including models from brands like Geoprobe, VersaDrill Canada, and GTech.

Direct Push Rigs

Direct Push Rigs

Direct push drilling rigs are machines that use a hydraulic hammer drill to penetrate the ground. These are useful for collecting soil and groundwater samples without the need for rotary drilling. We offer a range of models for varying depths and needs from Geoprobe rigs.

Geotechnical Rigs

Geotechnical rigs are extremely valuable for construction projects because they evaluate the ground conditions surrounding a job site. This is a critical part of the pre-construction process, providing the necessary data to accomplish any auger drilling job. We offer a selection of Diedrich and Mobile Drill rigs for geotechnical projects at Rig Source.

Environmental Rigs

Environmental drill rigs are a tool to investigate environmental conditions at a construction site. These rigs are important for identifying areas of soil or groundwater contamination and making sure that projects align with environmental regulations. Our rig rental options include brands like Diedrich, CME, Mobile Drill, and more.

Geotechnical Rigs
Trucks and Support Vehicles

Trucks and Support Vehicles

Beyond drilling rigs, we provide reliable support vehicles and truck haulers that facilitate the movement of rigs, ensuring that operations remain smooth. Our truck hauler equipment is built for rugged terrains and remote drilling sites, and some of the brands we offer are Terramac and Versatran.

Benefits of Renting Drilling Equipment

Renting drilling equipment from Rig Source is not just about getting machinery; it’s about implementing an economical solution in your projects. Our rental rigs are flexible pieces of equipment that meet the needs of all drilling operations. Renting drilling equipment from Rig Source minimizes any concerns of maintenance, depreciation, and storage, allowing the drilling professionals to solely focus on their drilling projects.

At Rig Source, many of our clients prefer rentals over new equipment because we have much more availability in our fleet. By choosing to rent, companies can easily upscale or downscale their operations without worrying about selling their equipment. Renting from Rig Source means you’re gaining access to expert advice and the latest technology. We make sure that every project timeline is on track and is completed with precision and efficiency, meeting the specific rental needs of each client.

Branch Locations

Rig Source Headquarters

Rig Source Headquarters

Our Illinois facilities cover three acres of land, providing the best location for servicing, maintaining, and refurbishing drill equipment. We make it easy to drop off and pick up rental equipment, and our garages can accommodate many drill rigs, along with in-stock service and maintenance parts.

Rig Source East

Rig Source East

The West Virginia location offers close access to the highway, making it easy for contractors to find local rental options for their drill rigs. This location is fully stocked with rental drill rigs, and we have the ability to handle anything from small repairs to complete reconditioning and refurbishing.

Rig Source South

Our Texas facility provides services across various southern states. Unlike Headquarters and East branches, we have an onsite rental fleet and offer service and maintenance for rig parts as well. We provide easy access for loading and unloading rigs, which helps our clients save money in transporting their heavy equipment.

Rig Source West

Rig Source West

This Colorado location provides easy access to major highways. We provide comprehensive drill rig rentals and services to our clients across the western part of the US, and we offer the most reliable repair and refurbishment services for new and used foundation drilling rigs.


We carry an extensive line up of track-mounted and truck-mounted rental drill rigs as well as crawler carriers and support equipment. Our rental drill rigs are readily available for you as a cost-effective solution for your short and long-term job site needs.

Our expansive rental drill rig inventory carries a variety of drill rigs for several drilling industries. Currently, our available stock of drill rig rental equipment includes: Mobile Drill Intl, GTechDrill, VersaDrill Canada, Diedrich Drill, and more as well as various support equipment.

Rig Source is experienced with shipping rental drill rig and rental crawler carrier units throughout the US and Canada, and has competitive weekly or monthly rates. For rental equipment listings, browse below, venture into our rental showrooms online, or give us a call. We are here to meet your every need and looking forward to becoming your one source for rental equipment.

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