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Geoprobe® Units: Direct Push Drills


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Geoprobe’s Direct Push Technology

Geoprobe® Systems started by designing their first Geoprobe® unit in the 1980s with nothing more than an idea for a unique new product to collect undisturbed core samples. What Geoprobe® ended up with was an exclusive new technology referred to as direct push. 

Direct Push Technology is an advanced method of collecting soil and groundwater samples using hydraulically powered machines that drive steel probe rods into the ground. This soil sampling system proves to be beneficial for numerous reasons including faster, simpler, and cleaner soil sampling and production processes. Being a customer-focused sales and rental center, we saw the increasing demand and quickly embraced the new technology. Today, we are the largest supplier of used Geoprobe® drilling rigs and have the largest fleet of Geoprobe® rentals.

Available Geoprobe® Units for Rent

At Rig Source, we carry a variety of Geoprobe drilling rigs to meet diverse drilling needs. Our drill rigs include a user-friendly control panel for precise operations and safety features to protect operators from risks, providing these professionals with the necessary tools for optimal performance.

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7822 DT Standard Geoprobe® Unit

A compact and versatile rotary drilling rig designed for soil sampling in tight formations and spaces.

  • 78-inch (1,982 mm) Probe Cylinder Stroke
  • Uses 3-5 ft. Standard Tooling
  • 48,000 lb. (214kN) Pullback
  • New GH63 Hammer or Optional GH64 with 2-Speed, Bi-Directional Rotation
  • Fits on Standard Equipment Trailer
  • Liner Extruder
  • SPT Hammer
  • Single Winch
  • Side rack for tool storage

7822 DT Core Geoprobe® Unit

Ideal for high-quality core sampling across various environmental investigations.

  • 78-inch (1,982 mm) Probe Cylinder Stroke
  • Uses 3-5 ft. Standard Tooling
  • 48,000 lb. (214kN) Pullback
  • GH60 Series percussion Hammer
  • Fits on Standard Equipment Trailer
  • 2 and 4 Speed Rotary head (4,000 Ft-LBF, 750 RPM)
  • SPT Hammer
  • Dual Winch with 3’ mast extension and rotating mast top
  • Side rack for tool storage
  • High-Speed Water Swivel with Float
  • 3L6 water pump
  • 7” Breakout table and wrench
  • Liner Extruder

3126 GT

Its simplicity makes it ideal for new drillers working on direct push, auger, mud rotary, Shelby tubes, and core drilling.

  • Geotech Head ASM GR4.1
  • Automatic Drop Hammer Assembly GR4.1
  • 6800# Winch Kit 3126GT
  • 1800# Winch Kit 3126GT
  • Telescoping Winch Mast, Dual Winch 31 Series
  • Drill Mast Outrigger Kit 3100GT
  • Breakout Kit 3100GT
  • 3L6 Moyno ASM W/Table Oper Side 3126GT
  • Extruder Kit 3126GT – 60”
  • 3126 Water Swivel ASM
  • Drop Rack System 150 Tank

3230 DT

Designed for geotechnical, high-speed rotary, hollow stem auger, and environmental work.

  • 84” probe cylinder stroke
  • Unit weight of 20,000 lbs.
  • 80,000 lbs. of pullback
  • Triple winch 8,500 lbf, 5,000 lbf, 1,800 lbf
  • 3’ mast extension
  • Head feed pressure control kit
  • Head side shift
  • 7’ breakout table and wrench
  • SPT hammer
  • 3L6 water pump

540MT Geoprobe® Hand Cart

Ideal for projects requiring limited access in tight spaces.

  • 54 in. (1372 mm) Probe Cylinder Stroke
  • Uses 3-4 ft. Standard Tooling
  • 25,000 lb. (111 kN) Pulling Capacity
  • GH42 Percussion Hammer
  • Fits Through Standard Man Sized Door

420M Geoprobe® Hand Cart

A portable drill rig ideal for limited access work where it can be manually lifted and carried to remote sampling locations.

  • 42 in. (1067 mm) Probe Cylinder Stroke
  • Uses 3 ft. Standard Tooling
  • 14,000 lb. (62.3 kN) Pulling Capacity
  • GH42 Soil Probing Hammer
  • Fits Through Standard Man Sized Door

54LT Geoprobe®

A compact drill rig for rough terrain and tight spaces.

  • GH42 Percussion hammer
  • Kubota 3-cylinder motor
  • 54” Stroke
  • Unit weight of 2,500 lbs.
  • 34.5 inches wide
  • Rear stabilizer

Our Partnership with Geoprobe

Rig Source has an extensive history selling and renting various models of Geoprobe® units. We’re a trusted partner in the drilling industry and we verify that each piece of equipment goes through routine maintenance and testing to ensure it operates effectively. 

Our team is here to offer new and used drill rigs, repair and service support, refurbishment work, and expert advice on choosing the right model for your project. You may also check out current Geoprobe® units for sale in our environmental and geotechnical drill rig showroom or access rental options in our Geoprobe® Rentals showroom. Don’t lose out on that upcoming project because you don’t have the right machine – make reservations today!

Contact the Rig Source Team Today

For more information on our Geoprobe Direct Push Drill Rigs, check out our drill rigs for sale, browse the Geoprobe drill rigs available in our rental selection, or give us a call at 630.365.1649. If it’s not in stock, we’ll help you find it!