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Used Drill Rigs

Owning a drill rig can be a significant investment, but we make it worth it at Rig Source. Used drilling equipment can often be just as reliable as brand new rigs and can be great candidates for a rebuild, depending on their condition.

Auger drilling rigs are essential tools in various industries. We sell different types of drilling equipment including coring, exploration, geotechnical, environmental, support vehicles, and truck haulers, and our equipment makes us stand out as a leader in the industry. We promise that customers are not just buying machinery but are making a worthwhile investment.

Available Used Drill Rigs for Sale

Our used inventory for sale at Rig Source caters to various drilling needs, and we offer models from reputable drilling equipment companies such as Geoprobe, Diedrich, Mobile Drill, CME, and more.

Coring Rigs

These coring drill rigs are specialized equipment designed for core sampling, allowing drillers to extract pieces of the ground by drilling cylindrical holes in the surface. We sell used coring rigs, making sure that you can complete projects of different scales and drilling needs.

Exploration Rigs

Exploration rigs are used for mineral exploration and discovering materials beneath the Earth’s surface. Our inventory includes a selection of models that are designed to tackle different terrains, depths, and specifications.

Geotechnical Rigs

Geotechnical Rigs

A geotechnical drill rig is essential for construction projects. They have the ability to evaluate the ground conditions at a job site, providing important data to accomplish any drilling job. We sell geotechnical rigs that can address both standard and complex geotechnical challenges.

Environmental Rigs

Environmental drill rigs are used to analyze environmental conditions at a construction site, making sure we adhere to environmental standards and regulations. These rigs play an important role in identifying areas of soil or groundwater contamination, guaranteeing precision and reliability in these tasks.

Trucks and Support Vehicles

Truck haulers and support vehicles are the backbone of any drilling operation. From transportation of auger drill rigs to logistics, our fleet at Rig Source ensures seamless transport and operation of a used drilling rig.

Brands and Partners

At Rig Source, we serve as a leader in the industry due to our partnership with drilling companies like Diedrich, Geoprobe, Mobile Drill, CME, and GTech.The expertise and reliability of each of these brands’ equipment is reflected in each rig project. By selling used equipment on our website, we are able to offer bargains and unique equipment by these brands to customers.

Advantages of Purchasing Used Equipment

Purchasing used drilling equipment is about making a smart investment. Our used drill rigs for sale are not only cost-effective but also ensure that your drilling projects are completed with reliable and durable tools. This used equipment offers attractive bargains, ensuring buyers see a return on their investment quickly. Additionally, the efficiency of used machinery is unmatched in the drilling equipment industry. Rig Source works with customers to sell their used equipment at competitive prices, with the goal of it remaining effective, reliable, and durable for many years to come.

With the purchase of used drilling equipment, you can receive equipment that is durable, reliable, and ready to be used for many years. Even though purchasing equipment requires an investment, buyers have the advantage of choosing the rig that’s perfectly suited to their requirements and needs.

Rig Source Locations

Rig Source Headquarters

Rig Source HQ

Rig Source headquarters are located in Illinois, where our facility covers three acres of land. We provide the best location for servicing and maintaining used construction equipment, and our facilities can accommodate many drill rigs and maintenance equipment parts.

Rig Source East

Rig Source West Virginia

Another main location is in West Virginia, also serving surrounding eastern/southeastern US states. We offer the closest access to the highway, making it easy for drilling contractors to find used drilling equipment. This location is fully stocked with used water well drill rigs, and we have the ability to handle any type of drilling equipment.

Rig Source Texas

This facility is located in Fort Worth, Texas, where we provide services for clients across southern US states. We provide the easiest access for loading and unloading used drill rigs, while also helping prospective buyers save money when they need to transport drilling machinery.

Rig Source Colorado

This location is in Grand Junction, Colorado, where we provide easy access to highways, serving clients across the western part of the US. We provide the best selection of drill rigs, and we offer the most reliable repair and maintenance services for any used drilling equipment.


Rig Source California

Our newest location in Pomona, California enables us to better serve the needs of drillers in California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and New Mexico. This proximity will save Rig Source’s western clients thousands of dollars in transportation costs, downtime, and lost productivity.

Why Choose Rig Source?

Stepping into the world of used equipment requires trust, and that’s where Rig Source comes into play. We offer a variety of used drill rigs for sale as customer listings on our website. These used rigs can often be purchased as a bargain, bringing you unique equipment that tells a story of its past projects. Two aspects that make us stand out among competitors are our large equipment fleet and responsive customer service. We promise to provide clients with a supportive experience, and with our expanding locations, we are working even harder to be an excellent partner in your drilling journey.

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