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Direct Push Rental Drill rigs

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Direct Push Technology is an advanced method of collecting samples using hydraulically-powered machines that drive steel rods into the ground. This method proved to be beneficial for numerous reasons including faster, simpler and cleaner soil sampling processes. Being a customer-focused sales and rental center, Rig Source saw the benefit in providing these units to our customers and quickly embraced the technology. Today, we are the largest supplier of used Geoprobe® drills and maintain the largest Geoprobe® rental fleet in North America. 

Where Can You Rent Direct Push Drill Rigs?

Right here at Rig Source, of course! We are a comprehensive rental center for Direct Push/DPT Drill Rigs, and have a full line up of direct push drill rigs available to support your company’s various drilling needs. When you choose Rig Source for Direct Push/DPT Drill Rig rentals, you can rest assured that your unit is in outstanding condition and ready to work. Our rental department is excellent at providing you with various rental options that include weekly and monthly rental rates. We also work directly with vendors to get the tooling you need ready for your scheduled rental period, and secure transportation if needed so all you need to do is focus on getting your job done. You won’t find another rental center like us!

Direct Push Drill Rig Buying and Restoration Options

Not only do we rent from our large fleet of Geoprobe® Direct Push drill rigs, but we also offer reconditioned, restored, and pre-owned Geoprobe® Direct Push/DPT Drill Rigs for sale. Our technicians have rebuilt, restored, and refreshed dozens of Geoprobe rigs over the years. Rig Source has numerous direct push drill rigs available for sale. Or, maybe you’re looking for restoration and repair services? Rig Source has a full service team available to complete anything from periodic maintenance and repair all thr way through complete ground-up restorations. At Rig Source, we look to exceed your expectations, and our team will do whatever it takes to make sure you keep on drilling! Tired of looking online? Give us a call at 630.365.1649, and a member of our team can discuss auger drill rig sales and rental options with your further over the phone.

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