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We carry parts for top drill rig brands such as Diedrich, Atlas Copco, Geoprobe® CME, Acker and Mobile Drill. We also offer drill rig tooling packages for direct push, geotechnical, auger, core and rotary drilling methods.

Drilling rig down time costs you money and no one understands that more than Rig Source. We know you need quality drill rig support and quick and simple drill rig parts & tooling orders so we pride ourselves on doing just that. Our customers are always our priority which is why we stock most parts in house. On the rare occasion we don’t have it in stock we can order what you need. Our inventory of drill rig parts & tooling come direct from the factory which allows us to maintain our promise for fast shipping.

Additionally, our drill rig tooling packages never come standard because neither do your drilling jobs. We build a variety of drill rig tooling packages to suit individual needs, and offer competitive pricing on these packages along the way. If you are just getting started and don’t know what drilling rig tooling you need, don’t fret. Our highly knowledgeable and trained sales team will walk you through what you need. In addition to building tooling packages, we build relationships and enjoy helping new drillers work their way into the industry.

Next time you find yourself in need of drill rig parts & tooling, give Rig Source a call. We are your experienced and trusted source for all your drilling needs, and look forward to working with you.

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