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2022 Double A Trailer Triple Axle Dually – For Sale – Unit #B231113B

2022 Double A Trailer Triple Axle Dually – For Sale – Unit #B231113B

This trailer was built with the GT8-Max in mind. It has the nice dual speed trailer jacks connecting to the truck, a 30k Pintle hitch, and heavy duty ramps that are very easy to flip up and down. This trailer has all LED lights, and very low mileage as it just hauls the rig from one job to the next and spends most of its time parked. This is a 28″ flat deck triple axle trailer with about 23,000 lbs. of available payload. When the rig is loaded you have plenty of space on the deck to haul additional equipment as needed. Trailer rated a 10/10.

We are selling this due to retirement, so there is a lot of tooling that needs to go as well. We are open to offers and are willing to discuss a package deal with the trailer (#B231113B), rig (#B231113C), and truck (#B231113A).

Trailer Specifications:
Year: 2022
Make/Model: Double A
Mileage: -10,000 kms, 6,218 miles
Wheel Type: Triple Axle Dually
Other Features: Three 10k axles with 30k Pintel

Price: $27,500 CAD, $19,928 USD

For more information on this trailer, please contact the Rig Source Team at (630) 365-1649.
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