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CG-400 Injection Unit – For Sale or Rent – Unit #19310

CG-400 Injection Unit – For Sale or Rent – Unit #19310

CG-400 Remediator Specifications:

  • The CG400 is self-contained, featuring a powerful HC25 injection pump, with gas, electric and hydraulic power options available
  • Maximum output 15gpm (57 lpm). Maximum pressure 750 psi (50 bar)
  • Large 34-gallon (128 liter) high shear colloidal mixer is ideal for emulsion based materials
  • Adjustable pressure relief valve allows for control of injection pressures Rugged, compact design is ready for jobsite operation

For more information on purchasing or renting this unit please reach out to the Rig Source team at 630-365-1649.

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