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***SOLD*** Geoprobe 3100GT Truck Rig – Unit #23202

***SOLD*** Geoprobe 3100GT Truck Rig – Unit #23202


Brand new to our rental fleet, this Geoprobe 3100GT is the best of both worlds for your geotechnical drilling jobs. The power of a Geoprobe direct push drill with the flexibility and easy maneuverability of a Ford F600 truck chassis. Contact our rental department today to get this great rig today!


Overall Dimensions
  • Width (in) 98.5
  • Length (transport) (in) 275
  • Length (deployed, lateral fully extended) (in) 319
  • Height (normal transport) (in) 120
  • Height (deployed; winch mast up) (in) 277
  • Height (deployed; winch mast up) (ft) 23.1
  • Unit Weight (w/ typical options) lbs 18,200
Ford F600 truck, CA PTO
  • Automatic transmission
105DP Drill Mast
  • Head feed stroke 105”
  • CPT Ready
Geotech Head Assembly, 4 speed rotary
  • Head side shift (stroke 28”)
  • 4 speed rotary head (4,000ft-lb; 750rpm

Other Specifications

  • Direct push hammer assembly
  • Automatic drip hammer 140LB
  • ADH Drive Cap AWJ Pin Down Threaded
  • Winch Mast Telescoping Base (stroke 63”)
  • (2) mast extension, 3 ft
  • Winch kit: 6,800 LB
  • Winch kit: 1,800 LB with quick change hook
  • Drillmast outrigger kit
  • 7” Breakout kit
  • Auxiliary valve kit
  • Moyno 3L6 Pump Kit
  • Water Swivel assembly
  • 5’ tool rack Assembly- side mount
  • Underbody Storage kit- Passenger Side
  • Underbody storage kit- driller side
  • Rear underbody storage package
  • Light kit
  • Horizontal vise mount assembly
  • 3’ on deck toolbox.

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