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***SOLD*** VersaDrill Canada KmN 1.4sm – For Sale or Rent – Unit #22119 (CAT Engine)

***SOLD*** VersaDrill Canada KmN 1.4sm – For Sale or Rent – Unit #22119 (CAT Engine)


Popular for uniquely combining power and light weight, the KmN1.4sm model coring/exploration drill from VersaDrill Canada delivers excellent results when it comes to collecting quality samples for projects of all kinds. To view the full specifications brochure, click here


  • Design optimized for surface operation with low ground pressure
  • Depth capacity: 1,400 m (4,600 ft) N size
  • Total weight: 23,501 lbs. (10,660 kg)


  • CAT Tier 4 engine
  • Holding capacity 38,000 lbs (17,236 kg)
  • Spindle interior dimension 4.9 in (124 mm) PWL rod
  • Chuck operation Spring closed and hydraulically opened
  • Final drive HV 80-3 chain in an oil bath
  • Hydraulic motor 160 cc variable
  • Transmission HI-LO 2-speed mechanical or 4-speed manual
  • Rotary head ratio 1:2.33
  • Lubrication Pump pressurized, filter and cooler
  • Speed 0 to 1,250 rpm




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