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Central Mine Equipment Company (CME) offers competitive geotechnical and environmental drill rigs that uphold a strong reputation for being powerful, dependable, and versatile. They are mounted on trucks, all-terrain rubber-tire carriers, track carriers with steel grousers or rubber cleats, or on skids or trailers. CME drill rigs are designed for auger drilling, rock coring, rotary core drilling, and even direct push work. Then there are various options to customize the rig to the specific operation, including a hydraulic hoist, tool boxes, auger and rod rack for storage, hydraulic rod holder, breakout wrench, and more. 

At Rig Source, we take in a line of used CME drill rigs in various models throughout the year and work directly with our customers to remount, repair, and bring drills back to “like new” condition. We offer both truck and rubber track mount options for all our CME drills and strive to find you a reliable drill rig you can trust at a price you can afford. In addition to sales, we use these same great CME drill rigs in our rental fleet. Our CME rentals include CME track-mounted drill rigs in a variety of sizes. Below are a few of the common CME drill rig models frequently available at Rig Source, including their estimated performance ratings and specifications:

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CME 45 Drill Rig

The CME 45 drill is the smallest CME drill model and weighs less than 26,000 lbs., which does not require special permitting for transport. This particular model can accommodate both truck or track skid mounts for increased versatility. Over the years, CME has adjusted the design and updated the drive systems of the 45 drills to improve end-user operation so various versions of the CME 45 drill rig will surface, including the CME-45B and CME-45C.

  • Hydraulic feed and retract system
    • Retract force – 19,600 lbs.
    • Down pressure – 13,650 lbs.
  • Transmission – 4 forward gears, 1-speed reverse
  • Torque – 4,815 ft. lbs.
  • Engine – 4-cylinder diesel engine

CME 55 Drill Rig

The CME 55 drill rig provides maximum efficiency for mid-sized geotechnical and environmental drilling jobs. This is an excellent drill option for those looking to research soil structure in rural areas. The CME 55 can be mounted to various styles of trucks or crawler carriers and can be offered under different name variances based on the selected mount such as CME 550 or CME 550X.

  • Hydraulic feed and retract system
    • Retract force – 28,275 lbs.
    • Down pressure – 18,650 lbs.
  • Transmission – 5 forward gears, 1-speed reverse
  • Rotary Torque & Speed – 7,700 ft. lbs. of spindle torque, up to 800 rpm
  • Engine – Cummins 4-cylinder diesel engine

CME 75 Drill Rig

The CME 75 drill rig is one of CME’s larger drill rigs. This unit is known for conquering larger jobs requiring deeper drilling depths or bigger augers. The CME 75 can be truck or track-mounted and also gives the option for enhancing rotation and power. Common variances of the CME 75 include CME 75HT, CME 750, and CME 750X.

  • Hydraulic feed cylinders
    • Retract force – 30,000 lbs.
    • Down pressure – 20,000 lbs.
  • Transmission – 5 forward gears, 1-speed reverse
  • Torque – 10,230 ft. lbs.
  • Engine – 4-cylinder diesel engine

Other Important Characteristics

Several features are seen in all CME models, however, estimations may change based on the drilling conditions:

  • Patented Automatic SPT Hammer: This 140 lb. automatic hammer system provides precise and reliable results for the Standard Penetration Test. 
  • Patented Spindle Brake: This spindle stops rotation in less than one revolution by activating two push button switches and multi-directional wobble switches.
  • Vertical Drive System: Twin hydraulic cylinders are mounted in line with the drill spindle to provide precise control over the force applied to the drilling tools.
  • Rotation Speed and Torque Combination: With over 4 forward gears and one reverse, there’s a combination for any drilling scenario.

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At Rig Source, our partnership with you goes beyond the transaction; we make sure our equipment handles the rigors of your tasks and exceeds industry standards. Each CME drill rig is known for its powerful diesel engine that’s designed for hollow stem auger drilling. With this in mind, we ensure every unit is ready to tackle your drilling needs at all times. Our 100+ years of experience, combined with a detailed product line and a team of experts, places us as the leading provider of CME drill rigs. We’re ready to support your projects with quality drilling tools and expert advice.

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