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Morooka Crawler Carriers

Rig Source brings you a large selection, quality assurance, and quick delivery of used Morooka crawler carriers for sale or rent.

Morooka crawler carriers are among the top brand name crawler carriers on the market for being the first manufacturer to reinvent the tracked carrier with rubber tracks, and therefore, expanding their overall use. Since Morooka crawler carriers are manufactured in Japan, lead times on new units can often exceed deadline requirements by purchasers. That is why Rig Source is proud to offer used, “like new” Morooka crawler carriers for sale or rent.

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Here at Rig Source, we have spent over half a decade buying, selling, and refurbishing used Morooka crawler carrier units to meet end users exact requirements fast and efficiently while maintaining the same quality and excellence that Morooka provides.

There is no doubt that Morooka crawler carriers hold their value, and are still excellent equipment options for those working in environmentally sensitive or remote areas. Browse our full list of used Morooka crawler carriers that you will find in our crawler carrier rental fleet as well as used crawler carrier showroom, or give Rig Source a call today at 630.365.1649 to discuss.

MST 600VD Morooka Crawler Carriers
  • Max. Carrying Capacity: 7,260 lbs.
  • Ground Pressure Empty/Loaded: 3.6 / 7.2 psi
  • Dimensions
    • Weight: 8,818 lbs.
    • Height: 7’ 6”
    • Length: 12’ 6”
    • Width: 6’ 5”
MST 800VD/VDL Morooka Crawler Carriers
  • Max. Carrying Capacity: 9,460 lbs.
  • Ground Pressure Empty/Loaded: 2.3/ 3.8 psi
  • Dimensions
    • Weight: 14,330 lbs.
    • Height: 7’ 10”
    • Length: 14’ 6”
    • Width: 7’ 7”
MST 1500VD Morooka Crawler Carriers
  • Max. Carrying Capacity: 13,890 lbs.
  • Ground Pressure Empty/Loaded: 2.4/ 3.9 psi
  • Dimensions
    • Weight: 20,280 lbs.
    • Height: 9’ 6”
    • Length: 17’ 5”
    • Width: 8’ 8”
MST 2200VD Morooka Crawler Carriers
  • Max. Carrying Capacity: 22,046 lbs.
  • Ground Pressure Empty/Loaded: 3.1/ 5.7 psi
  • Dimensions
    • Weight: 29,760 lbs.
    • Height: 10’ 4”
    • Length: 19’ 7”
    • Width: 9’ 6”

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