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Crawler Carrier & Drill Rig Shipments: No Easy Task

Dave: The Guy Behind Your Drill Rig ShipmentsRig Source thrives on the ability to get our customer’s what they want and need in a timely manner, and we respect the urgency that arises when our customer’s drill rig or crawler carrier units are down. That is why for the last three years we’ve designated Dave Thomas our Shipping and Receiving Coordinator. His customer service skills, knowledge of equipment operations, and achievements on the job not only perfect the flow of incoming and outgoing shipments through Rig Source but ensure our customer’s satisfaction as well.

Friendly Face and Determined Spirit

When you have drill rigs, crawler carriers and freight coming in or out of Rig Source, Dave is the first face you’ll see. Day in and day out, Dave is busy in our yard collaborating with our shop, office, customers and vendors. In many ways, he has become an intricate piece of the Rig Source puzzle for the work that he does. Dave is certified as one of Rig Source’s fork truck trainers, and has extensive knowledge on how to operate every type of unit that comes through our yard. He is also the man that ensures our customer’s get their ground shipments of crawler carrier parts and tracks as well as drill rig tooling and parts ON TIME which is of absolute importance!

Beyond the Call of Duty

Dave’s job is all encompassing and it takes a lot of ambition to fulfill it the way he does. In his three years of employment, Dave began an entry level shop position and right from the start proved to be a necessity for the company which is something worth noting. In addition to going above and beyond at work, Dave has spent the last seven years volunteering for the Fox Valley Hospice helping out with set up and photography for their annual Garden Party event. His passion for this cause even got Rig Source hooked on helping!

Despite being consistently busy maintaining the flow of drill rig shipments and helping within the community, Dave is still eager to learn more, do more and enjoy more inside and outside the company. In the coming year, fine tuning his understanding of a diesel motor is on the top of his to do list. For Dave, he is always thinking one step ahead of the task at hand, and probably always will.

On behalf of everyone at Rig Source, Happy Anniversary Dave! We are proud to have you on our team, and look forward to working together for many years to come.

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