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5 Perks to Vacuum Excavator Rentals

When it comes time to start a new project it is imperative to gather the right equipment for the job at hand. In the past, construction crews would rely on heavy duty backhoes to move dirt, and there is no doubt it works. However, there were a lot of risks associated with using this type of equipment which is why the industry has made the switch to vacuum excavators.

Vacuum Excavators have proved themselves in the industry for a number of reasons of which I’d like to share with you so you can determine if vacuum excavator rentals are right for your next project.

  1. Reduce Risk of Damage – Vacuum excavators digTruck and Track Mounted Vacuum Excavator Rental holes using an air pressure “air knife” which breaks up the dirt so it can then be sucked out from around utility lines creating less opportunity for accidental damage to pipes, cables or road base in the discovery process.
  2. Fast & Efficient – Using air allows crews to locate utilities quickly and safely, is easily transported, and keeps the dirt dry so it can be reused immediately for backfilling.
  3. Multi-Purpose – Using a Vacuum excavator is more than just drilling because the unit can also be used for clean up to keep surface areas clear of drilling fluid returns and eliminates mud disposal.
  4. Accommodating Size – Vacuum excavators are available in various sizes and can be mounted to trailers, trucks, or tracked crawler carriers to give them full access to all types of terrain.
  5. Vacuum Excavator Rentals – The biggest perk to vacuum excavator rentals is that these units can be rented without having to invest in a long term commitment. When your job is done, you turn in the keys, and go on with the remainder of your project.

These tips came straight from highly experienced heavy equipment rental coordinator, Bryan Sarsfield. Bryan gathers this information from you, our customers, on a daily basis so he can improve on providing you the most up to date and quality equipment that you are looking for.

So the next time you’ve got a new project underway, consider a Vacuum Excavator rental for all the perks it offers. It’s time you start work smarter and not harder! If you need help finding a vacuum excavator rental unit, you can always give Bryan a call at 630.365.1649. He offers competitive weekly and monthly rental rates through Rig Source Inc. that simply can’t be beat.

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