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Crawler Carrier Parts Tie Everything Together – Do You Have The Right Ones?

Parts make up the whole so it is imperative every crawler carrier part you select is created with quality and durability in mind. From the smallest bearing to the largest set of tracks, when one piece breaks it causes a breakdown of the entire unit which most, simply cannot afford.


Nothing angers you more on the job site than finding out your crawler carrier is down. It’s frustrating, time consuming, costly and a hindrance to your project as a whole. It’s even worse when you can’t find the replacement crawler carrier parts, or when you finally find them and can’t get them delivered in a timely manner. Since many crawler carriers are built by companies oversees, that is also where you will typically find their parts inventory. It’s not accommodating and certainly isn’t going to help you get your crawler carrier back up and running quickly.

Where To Find Quality Crawler Carrier Parts & Tracks

Being a sale and rental center for crawler carriers, Rig Source was quick to pick up on this need, and has invested a great deal into developing an entire crawler carrier parts and tracks department. Our department is complete with a full stock of readily available parts and tracks for various crawler carrier units including, Terramac®, Morooka and IHI.

Rig Source’s Crawler Carrier Parts Inventory Includes:

  • Joystick Conversions – Morooka TCX/LTX Set
  • Planetary Drives
    • Breaks
    • Floating Seals
    • Main Bearings
    • Hub Pressure Reliefs
    • Drive Motor Seals
    • Hydraulic Motors
  • Undercarriage Parts
    • Bushings
    • Pivot Shafts
    • Lower/Upper Rollers
    • Rear Idlers
    • Roller Rebuild Kits
    • Sprockets
    • Tension Cylinder
  • Replacement Rubber Tracks
    • Single Track or Set

Additionally, we have a superb service team knowledgeable of crawler carriers, and what keeps them running in tip top condition. They are committed to guiding you into the right parts and tracks purchase the first time around. We are also willing to educate you on the parts and tracks your purchasing so you too can become an expert on maintaining your crawler carrier.

To place an order with Rig Source, it is quick and simple. Just give us a call at 630.365.1649 and speak with a member of our service staff. We are here for you when your crawler carrier isn’t, and look forward to providing you the parts and tracks to get your crawler carrier back now, not later!

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