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Helping Companies Grow – One Drill Rig At A Time

Rig Source has an outstanding reputation for getting customer’s into the drill rigs that best suit their needs, and we continue to do so time and time again. Most recently we helped a company by the name of MLA Labs as they increased the size of their drilling rig fleet.

When MLA Labs began experiencing a new company growth, they realized their need for some new equipment was soon to follow. That’s when they reached out to us here at Rig Source for some details on our geotechnical and environmental drill rig selection. Not long after their first phone call with owner, Mike Crimaldi did MLA Labs purchase “their nicest piece of equipment to date,” according to Shauna of MLA Labs. That piece of equipment happened to be the Simco 2800 drill rig.

The Perfect Drill Rig

Helping Companies Grow w/ A Simco 2800HTNow, those of you that follow our news feed, I personally followed the transformation of this particular Simco 2800 drill rig just a few months back. During that time I documented its progress as it made its way through our extensive repair shop. The Simco 2800 was restored into a real working beauty upon completion, and was more than ready and equipped for its upcoming geotechnical drilling projects.

At this time, the Simco 2800 drill rig is currently residing in South East Texas. One of MLA Labs finest drillers was selected to operate the drill, and it will travel from College Station to Houston to San Antonio utilizing straight auger drilling methods. Its sole purpose is to provide outstanding soil sampling work for housing foundations in the area, and it’s no doubt that it will also enhance MLA Labs drilling services.

Simplifying Your Drill Rig Search Ends Here

Like many companies, MLA Labs found working with Rig Source to purchase their new drilling rig to be positive experience while managing the demands of their growing workplace. At Rig Source, we strive to go above and beyond all expectations to provide our customers with exceptional customer service and satisfaction. We truly understand the stresses drilling companies undertake in their day to day, and do everything in our power to ensure we make purchasing and adding new drill rigs to your fleet a simplified and successful experience.

Whether you’re a long standing customer or a first timer, we will work diligently with you to find that perfect drill rig match for you. If you’re in market for geotechnical and environmental drill rigs, check out our complete online showroom, or give us a call today at 630.365.1649. We’ve got what you need!

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