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Save the Date – International Mining Technology Hall of Fame

The inaugural inductions into the International Mining Technology Hall of Fame are upon us. The nominees were announced in November’s issue of International Mining Magazine, and it didn’t take long for various other magazines to begin broadcasting. The Hall of Fame is significant because it is the first time global innovators of the mining industry will get recognition on an international level. The induction announcements are set to take place on February 22, 2014 at a gala dinner hosted by Grand American Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah. It’s just a few weeks away!

How it Works

Of the full list of nominees only fourteen will receive the honor of being inducted into the International Mining Technology Hall of Fame. The nominees were placed into fourteen categories based on the type of contributions they made to the mining industry. These categories include:

  • Safety
  • ExplorationLongyear for International Mining Technology Hall of Fame
  • Underground Development
  • Underground Production
  • Underground Load and Haul
  • Underground Support
  • Surface Mine Production
  • Surface Mine Load and Haul
  • Mining Software
  • Comminution
  • Concentration
  • Bulk  Handling
  • Tailings Management
  • Outstanding Innovator

A Popular Man Among Nominees

Edmund Longyear, the man associated with drilling the first diamond core hole seems to be a favorite candidate for the inductions judging the amount of coverage he has received since his nomination. Longyear was nominated for his influence in contract diamond drilling, geological services and shaft sinking in the early part of the 20th century. He also formed the E.J. Longyear Company that later became what we all know and love, the Boart Longyear Company. The Boart Longyear Company is responsible for revolutionizing exploration in the mid 1900’s with the development of the wireline retrieved Q core barrel which is still the standard today.

Despite being a favorite, there are many more men and woman in all the categories that deserve tremendous recognition for the work that they do. An International Hall of Fame for Mining Technology is long overdue, and being the inaugural year, all nominees have a hundred plus years of competition that they are up against.

A Tribute to All

Here at Rig Source, we are proud of each contributor that has been nominated in the International Mining Technology Hall of Fame. The nomination itself is a prestigious honor that very few are privileged to receive. We are directly impacted by Edmund Longyear and his industry accomplishments. Rig Source is proud to offer Boart Longyear equipment as it is a popular choice for used core drill rig sales and rentals among our customers.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Edmund Longyear will take the inaugural induction into the International Mining Technology Hall of Fame for the exploration category?

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