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Safety is a Mindset: Drill Rig Safety Video

Here at Rig Source we care about our customers, and want to share a video titled, “Move It! Rig Move Safety for Roughnecks.”  The drill rig safety video originated from The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, and does a great job of reiterating the “Safety First” mindset.  It also touches on common rig safety hazards and best practices for overcoming them. Whether you have been drilling oil and gas wells for years or are just beginning your career, it is important to review drill rig safety on a regular basis.  It provides a baseline measurement of your own knowledge, and brings attention to areas that may need improvement.  So sit back, watch, “Move It! Rig Move Safety for Roughnecks,” test your knowledge, and seek ways to enhance your own oil and gas safety procedures.

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