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Rubber Track Crawler Carriers

Rubber Track Crawler Carriers

 Rubber track crawler carriers are known for their versatility, reliability and customization for fieldwork world wide. One of the best aspects about rubber track crawler carriers is its ability to be used for specific jobs without needing any base set up; whatever equipment is needed can easily be mounted onto the carrier, removing any need for “extra” equipment saving money and time.

Rubber track crawler carriers offer total customization using front and rear bolt-on attachments allowing you to easily mount cranes, drills, dump buckets and more using this highly customizable system. Terramac does exactly this with their rubber track crawler carriers and offers increased versatility and compatibility by working directly with the OEM to match any parts needed to fit perfectly.

The Benefits of a Rubber Track Crawler Carrier

The benefits of using a rubber tracked crawler carrier versus a non-rubber track crawler carrier make deciding to use rubber tracks easy. First off, rubber track tread design is easily customizable for whatever conditions need to be overcome be it snow, ice or dirt. Secondly, while the treads are made to last, when they finally do wear out, the cost to replace them is much less than your average non-rubber track crawler carrier as well being easier to replace, reducing downtime even further. Thirdly, rubber tracks, along with their customized treads, offer maximum traction on many surfaces and soil causing less damage to the environment than non-rubber track crawler carriers. Lastly, rubber tracks reduce machine noise and machine vibration as well as a slightly reduced weight to the machine overall.

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