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1990 Mobile B-57 on Ford F-800 4×2 – For Sale – Unit #B240617

1990 Mobile B-57 on Ford F-800 4×2 – For Sale – Unit #B240617

The rig has the same features as it was when purchased in June of 1990. Auger racks are located under both sides and on the rear. Double tool box and lockable compartment under the water tank. Has a Moyno 3L6 water pump for core drilling. The truck has a low rear gear for off road ease. Top speed approximately 55mph. All tooling is included, see details below.

The rig has not been in service for five years but it does run. It’s regularly started 3-4 times each year to keep the batteries up and lubricated.  Service is needed on hydraulic cylinders (leaking at the packing), tires are old, paint job is needed but not necessary. Water tank is rusted out. No missing parts. Rated a 5-7/10.

Rig Specifications:
Year: 1990
Make/Model: Mobile B-57
Hours: N/A
Engine: Cummins 239cid 4 cylinder Diesel
2 Winches – 1 main & 1 Safe-T Drive
No Autohammer

Truck Specifications:
Year: 1990
Make/Model: Ford F-800 4×2
Mileage: Under 25,000
Wheel Type: 10.00×20 split rim
Transmission: 5 Speed 2sp Rear
Engine Type: Ford 185hp Diesel

Asking Price: $49,500 USD

For more information on this Mobile B-57 drill rig, please contact the Rig Source Team at (630) 365-1649.
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Mobile B-57 Auger Rig Tooling:

1 – Tri- Lok Key Type Hollow-Stem Augers   6 5/8” x 10” x 11” Lead Assembly w/FDD Cutter Head
NWML Center Rod

9 – Tri-Lok Key Type Hollow-Stem Augers   6 5/8” x 10” x11” w/ NWML Center Rods
(3- 10’ Rods and 3- 5’ Rods)

1 – FDD cutter Head (Extra)

1 – Fixed Length 30” Extension Rod      2” Hex x 2” Hex Box

1 – 5’ NWML Rod

1 – 3’ NWML Rod

1 – 2’ NWML Rod

1 – Auger Holder- -Hollow Stem

2–1 1/8” Sockets

1–Breaker Bar  ½” Drive

1–NW/NWML Rod Ring

3–Lock Bolts (extra for Tri-Lok Augers)

1 – Threaded Hollow-Stem Augers 3 3/8” x 8.25 x 9” Lead Assembly w/ Cutter Head

AW Center Rod

9 – Threaded Hollow-Stem Augers 3 3/8” x 8.25” x 9” w/AW Center Rod

(4-10’ Rods and 2-5’ Rods and 1-4’ Rod)

39– Locking Wedges

1–NW Rod to Cap Adaptor

1–Tri-Lok Type Hollow-Stem Augers 3.25” x 6.5” x 7.25” Lead Assembly w/ Cutter Head

9–Tri-Lok Type Hollow-Stem Augers 3.25”x 6.5” x 7.25” w/ NW Center Rods

1–Auger Holder—Hollow Stem

1–Rod Hoisting c-Hook AW/NW Rods

18–Hex-Cor Augers 5’ Long 1 5/8” Shank 4.5 Hole Size

1–Adjustable Extension Rod 36”Long – 1 5/8” Hex

1–2”x 1 5/8” Hex x Hex Box Adaptor

2– Finger Bit Type Multi-purpose Head   5” hole- 1 5/8” Hex

2– 1 5/8” Shank Two Piece Fishtail Head w/Cast Steel Blade

16– 5” Blade Bits (w/ Bag of Bolts and Nuts)

3– 2” U-Pins

22– 1 5/8” U-Pins

1–Auger Holder

1–Pointed Hammer

1–Auger Hoisting Assembly 1 5/8”

Sampling Tools

1-1-NWM Core Barrel Assembly

1–NWML Sideport Water Swivel 1.25” NPT

1–Hex Adaptor 2” Hex to NWML Pin Adaptor

2–Bits- NWM SR2 RSG. 2.980”x2.155”

1–15/16” Roller Bit NW

1–3”Drag Bit NW

1–Sub. NW Box to NWML Box

1–2”Foot Valve / Strainer

1–NW Pin to NWML Box Adaptor

1–NW Ball Bearing Hoisting Plug

1–NW/NWML Rod Holding Slips

1–Spider Bowl- (for 6” ID Augers)

3–2” Nordic Split Barrel Sampler x 24”

1–2”Nordic Split Barrel Sampler x 18”

1–Head Assembly AWML Box connection

3–Std. 18” Split Barrel Sampler

2–Head Assembly AW Box connection

2–Extra Shoes

1–old Head Assembly

15–Basket Retainer (Heavy Duty)

1–140# Weight w/AWML Adaptor to NL Rod

2—-3” Shelby Tubes 30” Long

Extra Parts

1—1 5/8”Hex to 2” Box Adaptor

1—NWML Pin x NL or AW Box

5—Carbide Insert Blades

1—Blade Bolt

5—Finger Bit Wedge (2 Fingers)

5—Finger Bit Wedge (1 Finger)

3—NW Pin x NW Box Adaptors








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