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1996 D-90 on Ford F-800 – For Sale – Unit #B230627B

1996 D-90 on Ford F-800 – For Sale – Unit #B230627B

Both the rig and truck run fine. It has been sitting in the yard for 3-4 years. There are a couple of small hydraulic leaks in the rig but look to be fittings, not hoses. Besides a servicing for the truck and rig fluids, they should be able to drill immediately. All functions of the controls work. Low hours but rate the rig as a 7 due to the amount of time sitting in the yard.

Rig Specifications:
1996 Diedrich D-90
901 Hours
John Deere Engine
3+1 Winches
Moyno 3L6 Water Pump
Rod Clamp
Breakout Wrench
Auger Racks
Rod Storage
Water Tank

Truck Specifications:
1996 Ford F-800 Heavy Duty
15,551 Miles
2 Wheel Drive
Automatic Transmission
8.2L V8, 210hp Engine

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