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2002 CME 75 Drill Rig on Terramac RT9 Carrier – for Rent – Unit #23119

2002 CME 75 Drill Rig on Terramac RT9 Carrier – for Rent – Unit #23119

Rig Source is pleased to offer this track mounted CME 75 drilling rig for sale or rent. The CME 75 drill is in great condition and was just mounted to a Terramac RT9 crawler carrier for enhanced maneuverability on remote jobsites. Both the RT9 and the CME 75 have had extensive work done and it’s ready to rock and roll on your jobsite today!

Refurbished 2002 CME 75 work performed:
  • New winch cables
  • Replace 90% of hydraulic hoses.
  • Rebuilt auto hammer
  • New Battery
  • New main winch pulleys
  • New clutch dump cylinder
  • Replaced ignition switch
  • Rebuilt Rotary box with new quill
  • Rebuilt Right angle drive
  • New levers and links
  • New E stops on drill
  • New Transmission, throw out bearing, pilot bearing, and clutch.
  • Full Service on Drill
  • New gland kits
  • New complete jack tubes
  • New kelly bar bearing
  • New kelly bar coupler
  • Rebuilt 3L8 water pump and new flow control
  • New labels and stickers
  • New lock valves
  • Resealed main winch
  • Rebuilt rod holder cylinder
  • New ujoint shift linkage
  • New split bushings
  • New slide shims
  • New wiggle shims
  • New tool box
  • Rebuilt winches
  • Installed new wireline sheave bracket
Terramac RT9 Carrier work performed:
  • New drive hub brake service kit
  • New drive motor on Passanger side
  • Serviced carrier
  • New door seal
  • New hood latch
  • New mirror
  • Replace both tracks
  • Replace amber on cab

For more information on this track mounted CME 75 drilling rig, please contact Rig Source at 630.365.1649.

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