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Geoprobe® 540MT Direct Push – for Rent – Unit #20204

Geoprobe® 540MT Direct Push – for Rent – Unit #20204

Perform projects requiring limited access with this rental Geoprobe® 540MT unit.

The rental Geoprobe 540MT probe assembly is fabricated from the same components as other 5400 Series machines. The Geoprobe 540MT is easily maneuvered by two people. When folded, the unit is less than 29 inches (737 mm) high. Two adjustable wheels at the front of the unit may be widened to 39 inches (991 mm) for maximum stability, or narrowed to 31 inches (787mm) to maneuver in confined spaces. The rear wheel and handle pivot 360 degrees to deliver the tightest turning radius possible. Machine features include a 54 in. stroke, GH40 hammer, and can attach to any remote power unit by using hydraulic lines with quick connects.

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