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Geoprobe 6011DT – For Rent – Unit #24203

Geoprobe 6011DT – For Rent – Unit #24203

Drillers seeking a small footprint, but big direct push drill rig power, choose the 6011DT to efficiently track into tight spots or through tough terrain. The rig features a proven GH63 percussion hammer and 2 speed auger head while still being sized to slip into small spaces. Easily mobilize the lightweight rig to your direct push jobs with confidence to complete sampling and well installation.

  • 48-inches wide, 4,800 lb direct drill rig platform
  • GH63 percussion hammer, uses 5-foot tooling
  • 2-speed Auger Head
  • 44 horsepower engine
  • Optional low clearance cylinder for indoor spaces
  • Rear stabilizer blade works with Geoprobe® drop racks
  • Load-sense hydraulics reduce fuel consumption
  • Affordable price point
  • Suited for Direct Image® logging tools and CPT
  • International configuration with engine for lesser regulated countries
  • Tier 4/Stage V engine

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