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Mobile Drill Intl B-46 Truck Rig (under CDL) on Ford F-600 for Sale or Rent – Unit #23113

Mobile Drill Intl B-46 Truck Rig (under CDL) on Ford F-600 for Sale or Rent – Unit #23113

Brand new from Mobile Drill, this B-46 is a true multi-purpose drill for geotechnical and environmental work. Used in rotary, auger, SPT, wireline coring, and DTH applications, the B46 offers maximum reliability and amazing flexibility for all your drilling needs. These units are available for sale or rent from Rig Source so give us a call today to find out more!

B-46 Specs:

Hydraulic Feed System

  • Pulldown Force: 14,600 lbs [6,622 kg]
  • Retract Force: 19,400 lbs [8,800 kg]
  • Feed Down Speed: 0-148 ft/min [0-45 m/min]
  • Feed Retract Speed: 0-111 ft/min [0-33.83 m/min]
  • Feed Stroke: 6.5 ft [1.98 m]

Power Unit

  • Deck Engine: John Deere
  • PTO: Transmission Transfer Case

Drill Head Rotary

  • 4 Speeds
  • 2 Speed Planetary, 2 Speed Hydraulic Motor
  • Maximum Rotary Speed: 721 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 5,417 ft-lb [7,344 Nm]

Hoist Options

  • MAIN-SINGLE LINE CAPACITY: 4,500 lbs [2,041 kg]
  • AUXILIARY-SINGLE LINE CAPACITY: 3,000 lbs [1,361 kg]
  • SAFE-T DRIVER/WIRELINE: 900 lbs [408 kg]

Optional Equipment

  • In-Out & Sideways Slide Base
  • SPT Automatic Hammer, ASTM D-1586, 140 ln [64kg], 170 lb [77kg], 300lb [136 kg], 340 lb [154 kg] Slugs Available
  • Custom Breakout Table Designs
  • Hydraulic Breakout Wrench
  • Water Pumps – Piston, Centrifugal and Progressive Cavity
  • Water/Foam Injection Systems
  • Water Tanks
  • Driller/Helper Platforms
  • Safety Cage Options
  • Night Lights

Carrier Mounting Options

  • Truck (4×2, 4×4), Rubber Track Carrier, Trailer

Estimated Operating Capacities

  • Hollow Stem Augers: to 100ft [30 m]
    Continuous Flight Augers: 6 in [152 mm] OD: 125 ft [38 m]
    Rotary Drilling: 2-5/8 in [67 m] OD Drill Pipe: 300 ft [91 m]
    Diamond Core Drilling: N wireline: 300 ft [91 m]
    Reverse Circulation: 3-3/4 in [95 mm] CIP Drill Pipe: 150 ft [46m]

Note: Above drilling capacities may vary according to subsurface conditions, hoist capacity and rotary head option. Engineering specifications are theoretical, actual performance will be different, specifications are subject to change without notice.

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