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***SOLD*** Rebuilt CME 45-C on NEW Chevy 6500 4×4 Truck Rig – For Sale – Unit #22157

***SOLD*** Rebuilt CME 45-C on NEW Chevy 6500 4×4 Truck Rig – For Sale – Unit #22157


Fresh from paint and getting the final touches, testing, and fitment – we have this awesome 2005 CME 45C on a new Chevy 6500 4×4 truck available for immediate sale. Don’t sleep on this one because it is NOT going to last!

CME45C Specs

  • MFD: 04/05
  • New drill deck and 230 gal water tank with top storage basket
  • Two (2) tool winches
  • 3L6 water pump
  • Angle package
  • Under deck toolboxes
  • 140lb SPT hammer
  • Duetz diesel engine
  • Upper deck rod storage

Chevy 6500 4X4 Specs

  • MFD: 2022
  • Single axle
  • 4X4
  • Allison Transmission
  • Duramax Diesel
  • GVRW 23000
  • Rear back up camera

Work that was performed:

  • Perform full inspection on Rig.
  • Drained hydro and fuel system.
  • Removed oil cooler and repaired leaks, pulled right-angle-drive (RAD) and inspected rotary box as well as all cylinders.
  • Separated engine and trans from frame and pulled engine out.
  • Installed new exhaust manifold gaskets.
  • On engine adjusted valves, valve covers and tensioner.
  • Removed all valve banks and tested, replaced as needed. Installed new Detent kit.
  • Rebuilt RAD and re shimmed.
  • Resealed all cylinders.
  • Resurfaced Flywheel
  • Installed new clutch, pilot bearing and throw-out bearing.
  • Installed new u-joint and hydraulic pump to the motor.
  • Installed new oil pressure sender.
  • Replaced belts.
  • Repaired all broken/sheared bolts.
  • Fabricated new bed, water tank and drillers platform.
  • New CME style jacks (4)
  • Installed new underdeck hoses
  • Installed new battery and battery cables
  • Installed back up camera.
  • Performed full service on entire machine.
  • Wired machine back to factory spec and installed new safeties.
  • Installed new throttle box and switch.
  • Installed new water pump chain.
  • Re-Hosed entire machine.
  • Replaced Alternator.
  • New pillow block and bearings for angle package drive shaft.
  • New Kelly bar bearing
  • Installed spindle brake with disc.
  • Installed new 36-gallon fuel tank for drill.
  • New winch cables with hooks.
  • Fresh paint
  • New decal and placard kit
  • New levers and links installed after paint.


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