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***SOLD*** Reconditioned 2017 Geoprobe 3230DT – For Sale – Unit #22218

***SOLD*** Reconditioned 2017 Geoprobe 3230DT – For Sale – Unit #22218


Here’s an excellent opportunity to own this reconditioned 2017 Geoprobe 3230DT – Here’s the work that was performed on this unit:

  • New Head Mounting Plate with wear pucks
  • New Trunnions with Probe Slide Kit
  • Rebuilt Water Swivel
  • Two New Geoprobe Winch Cables With Quick Connects
  • Full Service on Engine, Hydro, Hubs, and Head
  • New Batteries
  • New Jaws
  • Water Pump Repaired and Reconfigured
  • Replaced Damaged Panels
  • Repaired Wiring as Needed
Geoprobe 3230DT Specifications:
  • Weight: 20,000 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 217”L x 80”W x 100”H
  • Torque: 6000 ft-lbs. @ 75 RPM
  • Features:
    • Triple winches
    • Telescoping winch mast
    • Head side shift
    • Breakout table & wrench
    • 3L6 water pump
    • 4 speed head

For more information on our Geoprobe 3230DT, please contact the Rig Source team at 630.365.1649.

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