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Hop Into Our New Diedrich D50 Drilling Rig Rental

Spring time is officially here and so is our new Diedrich D50 drilling rig rental! Rig Source has an ever changing fleet of rental drilling rigs as well as rental crawler carriers, and is excited to be able to offer you the latest model D50 from Diedrich.

Various Views of Our New Diedrich D50 Drilling Rig Rental

Diedrich D50 Drilling Rig Rental Uses

Popular for its size, the Diedrich D50 Drilling Rig makes for a great soil and rock exploration rig for those in the geotechnical and environmental industry.  This drilling rig is compatible with a variety of tooling and capable of reaching drilling depths of approximately 400 ft. using a rotary method. Our new Diedrich D50 drilling rig rental is also track mounted to accommodate as many customers and their unique jobsite locations as possible.

An added perk to the Diedrich D50 drilling rig rental is that it only weighs in at 1800lbs. which means it can easily be transported by a tag type trailer to help reduce shipping costs. Over the years, Rig Source has carried a number of Diedrich D50’s in our rental fleet, and continues to add to the fleet because the line of customer’s looking for our Diedrich D50 drilling rig rentals is constantly growing.

About Our Rental Service

Rig Source provides an extensive rental service for drilling rigs and crawler carriers that outdo our competitors time and time again. Mike Crimaldi, owner of Rig Source was a former driller so he understands your needs, and the complications that may occur if those are not met. Therefore, he’s proud to offer an extensive drilling rig fleet with additions of new equipment like the new Diedrich D50 drilling rig rental on a regular basis. Rest assured, all used units undergo thorough inspection and maintenance before being allowed to enter the fleet to ensure each of the drilling rigs reaches you in tip-top condition.

Why You Rent From Rig Source

In today’s economy, several companies have turned to our Diedrich D50 drilling rig rental or various other drilling rigs for rent in an effort to conserve cash or due to the lack of financing for quality equipment equal to ours. At Rig Source, we give companies like this, options so that they can continue on with their business as usual with the drilling rigs they need.

Rig Source offers weekly and monthly rental rates on all of our drilling rigs, including this new Diedrich D50 drilling rig rental unit so companies may work within their means. Daily rates have even been offered to local customers! Our goal is to work with you in every way possible to ensure your rental experience with us is one worth coming back for.

For additional information on our new Diedrich D50 drilling rig rental, please visit the complete web listing located in our drill rig rental showroom. You may also access our full range of various rental crawler carriers and support equipment. When in doubt, give us a call at 630.365.1649. Our rental coordinator will assist you with any equipment questions, pricing and availability on the spot!

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