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Rig Source: Supporting a Veteran Memorial


Rig Source Inc. recently sponsored the return of The Vietnam Moving Wall due to go on display November 7-11, 2013 in Aurora, Illinois.  The Wall was last viewed in Aurora 25 years ago, and attracted 250,000 visitors.  The travelling Wall was built in 1984, and is a 3/5 exact replica of the Wall that stands in Washington, DC.  The purpose of the Walls creation was to share the positive power felt from the Wall with everyone, including those unable to go to Washington. During The Moving Wall’s visit to Aurora over Veteran’s Day Weekend, it is expected that more than 300,000 guests will view the display.

Rick Gardner, a Vietnam Veteran serving from 1966-1967 is currently the event coordinator for the Moving Wall in Aurora. He has generously dedicated his time to organize fundraising, gather volunteers, and post signage to promote the upcoming display. For more information on the Vietnam Moving Wall, display dates, or ways you can help, please visit the Vietnam Moving Wall Aurora website or email Rick Gardner.

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