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Schramm Drill Rigs

Schramm Drill Rigs

Rig Source is your one stop for reliable Schramm drill rigs.

Here at Rig Source we offer many models of Schramm drill rigs including, the Schramm TXD and Schramm 130XD. Below are the uses for both models of Schramm drill rigs as well as detailed specifications on each unit.

Schramm TXD Drill Rig

The Schramm TXD is a deep hole drilling rig. This particular Schramm drill rig is a heavy hoist, deep hole, trailer mounted 50’ top head drive drill rig with an automated pipe handling system. The Schramm TXD drill rig has a 200,000 pound hoist capacity and a hands free power breakout. It uses cutting edge Schramm Telemast technology to achieve range 3 pipe length capabilities in an efficient, readily transportable package, making it safe, easy, and quick to set up. This Schramm drill rig is ideal for all of your jobs that include surface holes, shallow gas, CBM, and directional and large drilling applications with mud or air.

Schramm TXD Drill Rig Specifications Include:

  • Pipe Handling Winch
  • Hydraulic Load System
  • Outriggers
  • 24 volt electrical power supply system for explosion proof environment
  • Automated Pipe Handling System

Schramm TXD Drill Rig Optional Equipment Includes:

  • 25 gpm (95 lpm) Cat Water Injection Pump
  • 35 gpm (132.5 lpm) Bean Water Injection Pump
  • Tool Lubricator for DTH Hammer
  • Schramm i-Control Drilling Display
Schramm T130XD Drill Rig

The Schramm T130XD model is a heavy duty, heavy hoist, carrier mounted drilling rig. The Schramm T130XD utilizes innovative Schramm mast design and technology. The Schramm T130XD’s telescoping construction permits long head travel and working height to allow use of Range III casing, yet short overall length in the transport position, much like the Schramm TXD drill rig.

The Schramm T130XD drill rig is powered by a Detroit Diesel DDC / MTU 12V-2000TA DDEC 760 bhp (567kW) @ 1800 rpm, air starter engine. This Schramm drill rig model has a top head feed system driven by a heavy duty, single reduction gearbox with multiple disc valve type hydraulic motors. The mast on the Schramm T130XD has a telescoping construction permits long head travel and working height, yet a short overall length in transport position.

Schramm T130XD Drill Rig Specifications Include:

  • Planetary design with spring applied hydraulic release brake winch
  • Open Loop Load Sensing Hydraulic Load System
  • Single Front and Dual rear Outriggers
  • 24 volt electrical power supply system
  • Range III Drill Pipe and Casing
  • Drill Table
  • Tool Lubricator
  • Tool Box
  • Pipe Handling Sling
  • Breakout Wrench
  • 50 hour maintenance kit

Schramm T130XD Drill Rig Optional Equipment Includes:

  • Tilting Top Head
  • High Capacity Top Head
  • Sliding Angle Mast with Operating Angle Adjustable to 45 Degrees
  • Casing Rotator
  • Reverse Circulation Package
  • Loadsafe Automated Pipe Handling System
  • Single Pipe Liading Arm
  • Auxiliary Winch Controls
  • CE Mark for European Requirement

When you shop with Rig Source for Schramm drill rigs for sale, you get a peace of mind knowing that you’ll be able to get your jobs done the right way in a timely manner. Contact us today for more information

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