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Fraste Multidrill XL-140

Fraste Multidrill XL-140

Fraste’s most popular Multidrill model, the XL-140 is all about having the power to go deep. Powered by a 148hp CAT engine, the XL-140 gives drillers over 13,000 ft lb of torque – plenty of power to get you through the most challenging conditions. More importantly, the XL-140 is all about flexibility. With power to spare, the XL-140 handles large diameter drilling with ease – opening up entirely new possibilities for drillers.

Rig Specs:

  • Diesel Engine: CAT C4.4, 148 Hp
  • Emissions: Stage V, Tier 4F
  • Rotary Head Stroke: 12.1 ft
  • Pull-up: 22,480 lbf
  • Pull-down: 15,287 lbf
  • Max Rotary Head Torque: 13,276 ft lb
  • Max Rotary Head Speed: 1,000 rpm
  • Clamp Diameter: 2.3 – 14 in
  • Weight: 26,455 lbs
  • Tower Height: 32’
  • L x W x H (Stowed): 24’ x 6.6’ x 10.3’

Standard Features

  • Main Winch: 11,000 lbf, 115 ft/min
  • Tool Winch: 4,500 lbf, 180 ft/min
  • Wire Line Winch: 1,350 lbf, 425 ft/min
  • 3L8 Progressive Cavity Pump: 100 gpm, 225 psi
  • Triplex Pump: 43 gpm, 1,015 psi
  • Hydraulic SPT Device: 30”, 140 lbf
  • Radio Remote Control
  • Hydraulic Air Valve
  • Mast Extension

Optional Equipment

  • Screw Pump: 159 gpm, 174 psi
  • Foam Pump: 9 gpm, 550 psi
  • Line Lubricator: 2.25 gpm

*Specifications may change without notice


Fraste XL-140 Brochure

Download the RSI Fraste XL-140 Brochure here for more information.

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