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2024 Versatran 6T Retriever Truck – Mack MD6 Chassis – Unit #24308

2024 Versatran 6T Retriever Truck – Mack MD6 Chassis – Unit #24308

Innovative. Game-changing. Really smart. CARB compliant.

Common phrases that people use to describe the Versatran Retrievers. But the most important phrase to know is “Now available to rent at Rig Source”.

The official press release is here: Versatran and Rig Source Announcement


  • No Idle System – Save fuel when you can load and unload payloads up to 6 tons with the truck’s engine turned OFF
  • Innovative Bed Design – Low loading angle and easy controls mean much faster loading and unloading of equipment
  • Flexibility – One 6T can cover the work of several different types of trucks giving you unmatched flexibility
  • NON-CDL Option – With a 12,000 lb. legal limit and a single axle, 20 ft. bed, a CDL is not required to operate the 6T (CDL is required for the 15T and 20T models)

Watch how easily we can load a Geoprobe rig onto the Retriever 6T in this 1.5 minute YouTube video.

For more information on purchasing or renting this unit, please call Rig Source at 630-365-1649.


Rig Source Versatran Retriever Brochure

Download the RSI Versatran Brochure here for more information.

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